Balavihar Community Enrichment Program

Balavihar Community Enrichment Program is launched in Academic Year 2014-15 by Dr. Reita Agarwal with Dr. Kalpana Gowda Chandershekhar as the lead co-coordinator of this program with a team of enthusiastic parent volunteers.

The goal is to lay strong foundations of “values of life” and developing good citizenship among children, parents and friends as a community.

The Bala Vihar’s goal is to teach each and every child Vedic Heritage with emphasis on applying basic human values in daily lives. The children are encouraged to practice a righteous life. Through this program, the Children will be taught to build their compassionate spirit early on as they serve the community and touch lives around them.

See 2014-15 Calendar on website.
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All parents sign-up for SIGNUP GENIUS to be part of Community service events.

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