Balavihar Parent Enrichment Program

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Reita Agarwal, Hemant Dandekar with the help of
Parent Committee will organize at least monthly topics. Otherwise it will be Open Discussion with
Parent Committee Lead Team Member.
Sujana Sawhney
Girish Rachichonda
10:15am to 11:15am Rear 2 Auditorium
10:15 am to 12:15pm Priest Quaters 559A Hall/Kitchen
11:30 am to 12:15pm Rear Auditorium YOGA for Parents
Monthly Parent Forum Scheduled in Auditorium 11 am to Noon
Sept 28 Dr.V. Biliyar, MD psychiatrist
Chairman of Executive Board of Ganesha Temple.
TOPIC "Managing Challenges to our faith while Bringing Up our children in America".
Oct 19 Mrs Kathryn March, MS
Certified Educational & Career Planner
TOPIC " Are you college Bound? How to Best Prepare for Top College Admissions"